The Hydration Challenge

Did you know that it is recommended for women to consume at least 2.7 L of water a day, and for men to consume roughly 3.7 L? You also require more water the more you exercise (about 180-360 ml for every 15-20 minutes of exercise).

If you’ve come to the realization that you’re probably not pouring enough H2O, then we invite you to try our HYDRATION CHALLENGE! This week, we challenge you to drink more water throughout the day and to monitor your body’s reaction as the days go by. You will likely notice feeling much more energized! We’ve provided some tips and benefits for staying hydrated to help you succeed in this week’s quest.


90% of our blood is water! If you’re suffering from dehydration, blood will thicken due to loss in volume, which requires the heart to beat faster. Staying hydrated also helps keep joints lubricated, and reduces the effects of pain from inflammation and arthritis. Staying well-hydrated also helps the body recover more rapidly from cell damage, which means your skin may brighten, tighten and any injuries may heal faster than if you were dehydrated.



Are you finding that you have A LOT of water to drink after 4 pm? Try portioning out your litres and drink each portion within a certain amount of time. For example:


Wake up- 8am: 250 ml 

8am- 10am: 500 ml 

10am- noon: 500 ml 

noon- 2pm: 500-750 ml

2pm-4pm: 500 ml 

4pm-6pm: 500 ml 

6pm-8pm: 500 ml 

8pm- sleep: consume remaining




If you're feeling bored with all of this water – mix it up! Add slices of fresh lemon, lime or cucumbers; fresh berries and even mint leaves to add flavour to your sips. Enjoy and know you are doing your body good!



Being adequately hydrated helps to move things along in the gut, and helps the liver and kidneys process toxins in order to eliminate them from the body. Drinking a glass of water when hunger pangs or cravings hit, will help to keep you feeling "full" until your next meal or snack. This is not to advocate for drinking water in place of eating – this is just a tool to fend off hunger out of boredom, as well as to beat cravings.