Let's talk about HIIT

Let’s talk about HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training).HIIT training has reached a new peak in 2017 fitness trends, but unlike some odd diets and quick-fixes, this trend actually gives you results. 


Engaging in 40 minutes of non-stop cardio burns the same amount of calories as a 15-minute HIIT workout. This isn’t magic – a high intensity, ever-changing exercise routine makes your body thirst for oxygen and ultimately helps burn body fat. Long evening runs are great, but your body quickly plateaus and becomes used to the repetitive motion. With HIIT, you surprise your whole body, and it definitely responds. 

Wondering if you’re doing it correctly? A good rule of thumb is that you should not be able to talk and workout simultaneously during a well programmed HIIT. This means that if you’re able to go for even a second longer, you probably didn’t go hard enough. Most people aren’t used to pushing themselves as hard as this due to discomfort, and our response tends to be to prolong our workouts to make them more pleasant. HIIT is efficient and impactful when you are committed to it.

You should not be doing HIIT workouts every day – the same rule applies to weight lifting. You wouldn’t work the same muscle group two days in a row –  you need to give that poor muscle time to repair! With high intensity cardio, it isn’t any different. Make sure you give your sore body at least 24 hours to heal before you blast through your next HIIT session.