Group Classes

It’s fun to work out together! Group Classes are a great way to benefit from professionally design programs and instructions while keeping your cost low. We offer a wide range of classes and sessions throughout the week so it’s easy to find and attend your favourite ones. Check out our current class schedule, ask us a question or sign up at the bottom of the page.

Yoga mats, water bottle, towel, post workout snacks and skipping ropes only needed for outdoor classes held from April to September.


Body & Bell

What do Body & Bell classes consist of?

  • Body & Bell incorporate Kettle bell, barbell and body weight exercises. This class focuses on kettle bell and barbell technique and strength work; along with a conditioning component to further your fitness level.

Classic Boot Camp

What does Classic Boot Camp consist of?

  • This class is designed for individuals with a goal to increase general fitness.

  • Cardiovascular, strength, power, agility, balance and many more health/skill related fitness components are included in these classes.

  • All fitness levels encouraged to participate!

When is Classic Boot Camp held?

  • Monday 5:30 am

  • Wednesday 5:30 am

  • Friday 5:30 am

  • Saturday 10:00 am



What do Strength classes consist of?

  • This class is designed for individuals that want to increase their raw muscular strength, power and endurance.

  • Heavier weights and lower reps will typically be the focus of these classes, with little time spent on cardiovascular conditioning.

  • Not designed to make you "bigger", but more TONED!

  • Great class to incorporate into your programming if you already participate in Classic Boot Camp.

  • All fitness levels encouraged to come out!

When are Strength classes held?

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 am



What do Chiseled classes consist of?

  • Take a body break in your busy day.

  • This awesome class is designed to strengthen and tone your body.

  • It's the perfect combination of functional strength, core and isolation exercises for a sculpted, defined look.

When are Chiseled classes held?

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 pm



What do Renegade classes consist of?

  • This class is designed to incorporate gymnastic (body weight movements) with an Olympic lifting style of training.

  • Develop better strength, balance, coordination, mobility and more.

  • Renegade Boot Camp uses free weights, pull-up bars, parallel bars and barbells in a cross training method class.

  • You won't be needing any machines.... You are the machines!!

  • Life places a lot of physical demands on our bodies. Let's pay it back by being efficient at these physical demands!

  • All fitness levels encouraged to come out!!