Buttermilk Tarragon Dressing With Butter Lettuce, Apple, Shaved Pecorino & Almonds

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This is a dish jam-packed with textures and flavours. Let the magical touch of our mustard transform your salad into something so unique that it is sure to impress.


1 head of butter lettuce

1/3 cup salted, roasted almonds, coarsely chopped 

1 apple, Pink Lady (or something crisp and similar!) cut into matchsticks 

2 cups Pea shoots, cut into bite-sized pieces 

Shaved Pecorino, about 1/2 cup or more (any hard cheese would do!)


1/2 cup homemade mayo (see recipe)

1/4 cup sour cream- 14%

3/4 cup full-fat buttermilk

1 clove garlic, finely grated

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 

2 tbsp fresh tarragon, finely chopped

1/4 cup parsley, finely chopped 

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 tsp SMAK DAB White Wine Herb Mustard

1 tsp SMAK DAB Hot Honey Jalapeno Mustard 

Sea salt and pepper, to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and whisk together. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Allow mixture to sit in the fridge for a few hours for the flavours to meld together. 

For assembly, tear the butter lettuce into bit sized pieces, and place in a bowl. Add the pea shoots, half of the apple matchsticks and almonds. Drizzle about 4-5 tbsp of the dressing, and lightly toss. Taste before adding more dressing. When the salad is dressed enough, sprinkle with remaining apple, almonds, and a generous amount of pecorino shavings. Serve immediately!

Recipe provided by Smak Dab Mustards.
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