Future of Athletic Therapy: Arlyn Guevarra

Arlyn started as a student therapist in the AC Athletic Therapy clinic over 2 years ago. Over that time she has proven to be an invaluable resource and integral part of the Advantage Conditioning team. When she is not in the clinic she is out front working as our Administrative Assistant. Arlyn graduated in June from the Athletic Therapy program at the University of Winnipeg and is currently collecting her field and clinical hours in preparation for her certification exam in June 2017. Along with being knowledgable about injury assessment and rehabilitation, she has additional training in custom brace fitting and orthopedic products. We are very lucky to have Arlyn on the AC team.

What got you in to Athletic Therapy? – In high school I thought a lot about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I was set on working in health care. I continued to grow an interest in movement and post-operative rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy peaked my interest.

What inspires you and and keeps to driven?- Meeting people and hearing their interesting life stories is always a great part of this profession. Seeing people progress and get better as well as coming across injuries and dysfunction that I haven’t seen before that drives me to continually learn.

What are some interesting things you have learned?- That posture is key! That the balance between facial lines is important to the entire kinetic chain. And that there is so much creative space when it comes to developing return to work programs and functional rehabilitation exercises, programs that are designed for one person specific needs.

What are your future goals? – Concussion management and rehabilitation is an ever developing part of our field and I would like to specialize in it. Along with doing more work in the return to work/ work hardening field.