MJHL to the WHL: Success Story

Darren Gisti: Portland Winter Hawks

Darren Gisti: Portland Winter Hawks

This young man has been a patient of mine and client of AC since he was 13. He has been signed by the Portland Winter Hawks in the WHL (Western Hockey League) and I could not be more thrilled.

Over the years I have worked with many of his injuries, for the minor “Chelsea my shoulder hurts” to the more involved ones that can happen when playing elite level sports.

When he was thirteen he would join his dad Kevin for personal training with a Gill Chitty and join in on our boot camps including off-season hockey with Devon.

He has been a joy to work with, always sporting a bright smile and a fun loving disposition.

This is one of the moments that makes me so happy to be an Athletic Therapist. Not just the rehab of bringing them back to the high level of sport they love, but to have watched them grow athletically and as a person.

It is a beautiful thing to work with kids like Darren.